Lake Superior Performance Rally (LSPR)

Was quite a nice day for the rally. These were all taken out in front of my house on Menge Creek Rd.

Young Buck

This little guy came up pretty close to my front door yesterday. He was eating some of the old rose hips on the bushes along the entry walk. I’ve been seeing him alone lately, so I wonder if he lost his mother.

A Day at Point Abbaye

Been cooped up in the house too much of late, so I headed out Sunday to Point Abbaye.

On the way out to Point Abbaye

Lava. The rock formations on Point Abbaye, and throughout the Keweenaw, are some of the oldest surface rock on earth, over 1 billion years old. Here you can see the flow pattern, ripples, of the lava that flowed over a billion years ago.

With the low December sun and the clouds moving in, the colors were ever changing.

Point Abbaye, looking west toward the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Hank enjoying some time out on Point Abbaye with the Huron Mountains in the distance.

Full Rainbow

After a long day driving Dawn down to Mount Pleasant MI and then back again, I was pooped. Sitting just watching out the window I saw some dark clouds rolling in but didn’t think much about it. I let the dogs out and after Eli came in I noticed that he was damp from rain, then in the corner of my eye I saw the bright glow of an end of a rainbow. I rushed to get my camera and ran outside to get some photos, but what I saw was more than just the end of a rainbow, it was a full arch. There is also a second, part of a double, rainbow on the far right side trying to shine through.Rainbow 102515.02.640 Rainbow 102515.01.1260

Interesting Weather Day

Lots of dynamic weather happening today. We had ice pellets, thunder, lightning, and a large water spout in Marquette. Trees are starting to lose their leaves pretty quick now, and with some possible snow along with winds this weekend, we might not have many left come next week.
After all that, we had some nice colorful clouds during sunset.

Stormy Skies and Autumn Colors

Stormy Skies and Autumn Colors

Clouds At Sunset

Clouds At Sunset