There was a bomb threat at Wasilla High School today. There’s good and bad news going along with this. First the good, because it’s the shortest part.
Two links to the story.
Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman – Notes with “bomb” prompted lockdown at Wasilla high
Anchorage Daily News – No bomb found at Wasilla High after threat
Read the comments on the links, you’ll see some pissed off people, and some that are not.

The Good:
The school system has a call system in place where they call and email the parents incase of any happenings, like closings, bombs and such. That’s the good news.

The Bad:
From what we heard on the scanner and read on line, this was one fucked up lock down and evacuation. Some wonder why there was even school today, the first letter was found last night. then there are those that wonder why the students were kept in thier classrooms instead of getting them out of the building. On the scanner it reallys sounded as if the police, or who ever, didn’t know what the fuck was going on. They didn’t know where or when the kids were boarding the busses. They didn’t know where the busses were taking the kids. They didn’t know when or if the kids were getting a bus trip home, it turns out NO. The kids were sent out without getting thier coats and suff, well, that’s just fucking stupid, it’s been well below zero for sometime now, and sending them out without coats is completely irresponsible. It really did seem as though the right hand didn’t know what the left was doing, at least from what I heard on the scanner.

Ya know, I really can’t help but think this wouldn’t have happened if Palin, the no longer liked by many locals governor, wouldn’t have put her face in the national public seen. People know that anything that happens in Wasilla will be on the national news, in time. And you can thank her for that. She doesn’t do shit for this state since her vice-pres run. I use to like her, no longer.

One more thing. If it wasn’t for Bush (The Speaking Chimp, of is that chump) inciting terror on all those that don’t believe as him, this may have been just pushed off as just another school prank.

No matter what, all is good now.

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  1. Does your daughter go to school there? Mine does and it was pure chaos there when I went to get her. Stood for over an hour along with 50+ other parents. Others had been there for 2. The radio news said parents could go pick up their kids if they wanted to. Nothing else was said as to how they were going to go about it, so it sounded like it was going to be pretty simple, boy were we wrong. They had us fill out a sheet with our kids name/our name/& what class they were in, it was being passed around by the parents, no teachers were in charge of it at all. But I did finally get her home. I think what most are upset about is why when there is a bomb threat that the kids are not taken to a safe location, like the middle school right across the road. But kept inside where the so called bomb might be. That makes no sense to me at all. Heck they even let the news reporters in while we’re all waiting for our childs name to be called and to meet up with us. Their theory was to not disrupt the K9’s.
    As for the calls from the school district no call was ever made about the bomb threat/lockdown. An email did come through at 12:52 saying school was going to be dismissed and ones who rode the bus would be taken home. Then at 5:30pm we got an email and a call about the “All Clear”. But no parents knew anything about the lockdown until their kids that have cell phones texted them, just like my daughter did. This all started at 7:45am.
    Sorry for my ranting to you, all I initially intended on doing was seeing if you had a blog update and photos.

  2. Oops forgot to mention that the National media is going to play the “Palin” card with the bomb threat, but it probably was a student at the school who did it and isn’t linked to her at all.
    But everybody in the Lower 48, news people and all think we can shit without it being because of her. It is getting old. Wasilla was Wasilla before Palin stepped into the spot light.
    ok, now with that said I’ll leave you be.

  3. Hopefully it will please you all to know that I’ve heard nothing of this in the Lower 48… I hope it remains on the down-low for all of your sakes.

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