Grooved Roads and Moose

So the other day a large road grader came up our road scraping the surface down. I saw something off the back of the grader that had large arms that point down to the road. Now let me first say that our road, and most back / side roads are covered in snow / ice and have been for quite some time. Little did I know the grader also cuts grooves down the road surface, similar to what you see on pavement on known icy spots. It really is quite cool, the surface of the road has much more grip to it now.

We had a different moose family come through our property today. There was mom and 2 youngin’s instead of the mom and her 1 young that come through most the time. They hung around for quite a long time munching on branches and bushes.

Here are some pics of the youngins, mom was always off in the distance.

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