Days and Nights

There is no doubt about it, the days are getting longer. Our days now have a length of visible light of 16 hours 34 minutes. They say that the darkness of winter is the hard part of the extremes of light. I really didn’t notice it, it was only for a couple weeks where the days were darker then what I’m use to. Now comes the long days, I think these will be harder on me. Having to go to bed at a earlier time then what I’m use to and it still being “daytime”.

Driving to work in the morning, about 5:30am, is turning into a beautiful drive, with the sun starting to rise above the mountains. I found quite a nice spot right behind work to get some good sunrise photos, we sit right on Wasilla Lake.

Today was a wonderful sunny warm 55*F, with just a little breeze. Time to get the chairs out on the deck, spring is here!

Redoubt Volcano eruption continues. From AVO: The volcano remains at aviation color code ORANGE and alert level WATCH. The potential for renewed explosive activity is high and may resume with little warning, likely generating an ash plume and a lahar.

This mornings sunrise, taken at 5:30am, looking across Wasilla Lake.

Redoubt today.

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