Saturday, Work ‘n Sun

Had to work today, normally I work Monday – Friday, but I had yesterday off and worked today instead. I was lucky today though, I was outside most the day in the garden center area. Damn it was nice, we reached a whopping 82.2*F today. Yes, you read that right, 82.2*, WOW! Never did I think it would get this warm up here in May. I even have a bit of a sun tan/burn going. 🙂

I took some photos of the sunrise again, but they didn’t really turn out the way I would like. Next time.

A few more photos from yesterday.
Knik Glacier

Matanuska Valley

Pioneer Peak

Matanuska River with Sleeping Lady in the distance

To finish this off, here is a pano of the view from the summit looking east. Knik Glacier far center.

’til next time

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  1. My sister and I were on a cruise to Alaska last May (in fact it was May 9th that we left Vancouver) and Anchorage was mild and warm when we got there and at the end of our trip 10 days later in Fairbanks saw temps in the high 70’s. I do so want to go back.

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