Jan’s New Car / Sunrise

Yepper, Jan has a new car!
It’s a Ford Focus ZX5, top of the line, cruise, air, 6 CD changer, the works.It really is a great little car, and fun to drive with great gas mileage.

Our weather here has been, well, just unbelievably wonderful. The high today so far has been 76.5*F, with lots of day to go. It’s only 4 pm as I type this, and sun doesn’t set until after 10:30 pm, with twilight ’til about midnight, and even then, it really doesn’t get that dark, there’s still a bit of light to be seen. If you look at Nautical and Astronomical Twilight, it doesn’t rise or set, just always there.

I’d like to wave hello to Sue, Norm, Eric, Tammy, Linda, and all those others that stop by here from back in Michigan. Some of you I haven’t written back to, sorry, but it’s just to damn nice to be indoors and type, so I guess I’m cheating a bit here.
Thanks Guys! 🙂
We’re really looking forward to seeing Linda and Tobie next month.

Few photos of Jan’s new car.

This morning’s sunrise, the sun it’s self takes a bit to get over the mountains, even though you can just about drive without your head lamps on.

Sleeping ducks

’til next time

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