Day With The Dogs

My day, my day out with the dogs. We headed up to Hatcher Pass around 8:30am this morning, to beat the tourons (tourist + moron). We continued on through the Pass, back down, then turned on Craigie Creek Valley Rd. Well, let me tell ya, this is one rocky road, not for the average truck, only those with a good ground clearance and good low creeper gear. We crawled up the valley as far as I thought I could, could have gone further, but not much. we then started walking up, and I mean up, never have I had my ears pop as I was hiking up, they sure did here. Anyway, we climbed just about to Dogsled Pass, if I had known at the time how close I was, I would have gone all the way. There, we rested, took in the views, snapped some photos, then headed back down.

Craigie Creek Valley is loaded with waterfalls, beaver ponds, old gold mining sites, including cabins, and wonderful views.

The only down side of the day, well really two, was it was quite hazy out, so photo taking wasn’t the best, and the number one down side, Jan wasn’t with me, she had to work. I do so miss discovering new places with her. OK, end of the soppy shit.

On the way back, back through Hatcher Pass, we stopped at a spot that still had snow. The dogs loved it! Griz took a bath, and Eli just stood in it, like saying, Ahhhhh, cold snow again. 🙂

On to some of the photos of today. I’ll be posting more in the next few days.

On the way up Craigie Creek Valley Rd.. I had stopped driving by this point, walking was easier.

From the top, I think about 4400 FT

Eli and Grizwald on the way up Craigie

Gertie at her best, in the rocks. Coming back down from the end of Craigie Creek Rd…sort of

Snow in Hatcher Pass

Eli – Hatcher Pass

Grizwald enjoying a bath

Some wild flowers –


Wild Geranium

Chocolate Lily – I understand they are quite rare.

Mastodon Flower

’til next time

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