Job Done

Well, yesterday was my last day on the remodel job. Was a good fun job for most the time, good people, interesting work, and good hours. As time went on, mainly in the last few weeks, the job got really tiring, lack of communication, redoing things that should have been done right the first time, and what really got me was the lack of work my boss and one of my co-workers were doing. They became good friends and spent most the day standing around talking, and a lot of the work they did manage to do, we have to correct later. Ah, that is now past and over with.

I’m now moving on to a department that is more to my liking; Photo, Electronics and Music (PEM). I start monday and am looking forward to it.

I have a 3 day weekend starting today so I will be getting out with the dogs, taking photos, and just relaxing.

’til next time

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