New Drone

I finally did it, I bought a new drone, a proper drone. I picked up a good deal on a DJI Mavic Air 2 from Amazon. It’s also on a payment plan, which is the only way I would have been able to afford it. Along with the drone I got the “Fly more” kit which has extra propellers, extra batteries, a bag and a couple other things.
I’ve had two previous drones, one quite a few years ago and was all manual and I called it Bruiser because I crashed it so much. The next drone I’ve had was a low end drone and did have a good camera and a number of other thing. This second drone did so me what I could do with a current drone though, so that’s what got me to buy this newest one. It’s not coming until next week, but I’m pretty excited about it.

DJI Mavic Air_2

Fly More Kit

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