Shopping for a new home that is. We’re on the hunt for a new place, something a bit smaller, cheeper to heat, and maybe less rent. We’ve looked at a few, but nothing quite right yet. We mostly knew we would move again after about a year in this house. Now we can view the homes before renting, this one was rented over the internet from Michigan. Don’t take me wrong, this house is nice, just too darn big and with the cathedral ceilings, it’s quite costly to heat.

So anyway, the hunt is on!

Here is a link to one we looked at today. 3 level 3br 1.5ba Cust Log Cabin +

Looking down to Hatcher Pass Road.

Image at 1680

Did I say it was chilly Sunday morning? It was, just a bit though. Here is some icy grasses.

The road up Archangel Valley

Image at 1680

Reflections in a Beaver pond

Image at 1680

‘tim next time

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