Jim Lake

I’ve had this weekend off from work, first time I’ve had two days in a row in some time. Yesterday spent time around the house cleaning and relaxing with Jan. Today I headed out with the dogs to Jim Lake. Here in Wasilla, also in Palmer, the winds are blowing up quite good, with gusts up around 50 MPH. I stopped to get gas in Palmer, I can save around 50 cents per gallon there through our Fred Meyer Points, but during the pumping I was almost blown off my feet. Thankfully I am smart enough to park into the wind so that when I open my door it doesn’t get caught in the wind and rip off. I saw a few other people not as smart, and almost lost their doors.

Anyway, got gas and headed across the river toward Butte. Just as I crossed the bridge over Matanuska River the wind died, blocked by the mountains. I was hoping this would happen, the winds dying that is. I had thoughts of climbing the Butte, but still thought the winds might be blowing up there, so I headed out Maud Rd to Jim Lake. Wow, what a change in temperature. Back home in the wind it was around 27

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