Big Falls – East Branch Huron River

Went out today to Big Falls along the East Branch Huron River. I’ve been here many times, but each time is a little different. One time there was even a tree lying the middle of the left fall. Somewhere between 20 – 25 years ago I found this waterfall completely by accident out two-tracking, then quite a few years later I went hunting for it without success. A few more years passed and bingo, found it again. Now that I live UP here, I frequent these falls at least once a year, if not more. After taking photos down in the usual spot, I decided to hike up river a ways. Wow, it’s beautiful just above the falls, but very difficult to get down to the rivers edge, which I didn’t, or couldn’t, do today. The bank down is steeper and maybe longer than the normal photo area. I did make it to the bank a little further up river, but it’s not as nice, not as rugged. Ah well, maybe next time.

After spending some time at the falls, I headed back to Black Creek Rd. and turned south knowing that eventually I would come out on Ravine River Rd. Well, that didn’t work out so well…I got lost. I made a turn that made a loop around and back to Black Creek Rd. Well in taking that loop, it bypassed the turn on Black Creek Rd. that needed to be taken, and that’s where I got lost, either finding a dead end or trails that looked mighty muddy and I wasn’t into getting covered in mud again, not this time. So, I ended up back-tracking and that’s when I saw the turn I missed by taking the detour loop.

Made it back to town, got a Jeep wash and went to Shopko for some curtains and a couple hanging plants, then home.

Big Falls – Right Side/Fall

Big Falls – Left Side/Fall

Big Falls

Right side of Big Falls with sun streaks from about half-way up the cliff that must be climbed down, then back up.

East Branch Huron River Just Below Big Falls

Trout Lily

Spring Beauties

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  1. I am just reading Stewart Edward White’s book “The forest” written in 1902 in which he mentioned a secret place he went trout fishing called Big Falls. I have been trying to determine which Big Falls he was describing and ran across your beautiful photos. White was a world traveler and so his Big Falls could have been anywhere but he was from Michigan and spent a lot of time there so I figure this could of been the place he was describing. Whether it is, or not, I just wanted to say I think your Big Falls is just a wonderful place and your photos really make me want to see them in person some day. If you are a reader as well as an outdoorsman you might enjoy this author’s books. He wrote about the outdoors and the lumbering days in a way that makes you wish you knew him and could travel back in time to enjoy firsthand what he talks about. In any case thanks for the beautiful photos.

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