Campground – Day 25

Much cooler this morning, about 50° with cloudy skies. It’s forecast to get up to around 60° today and stay mostly cloudy. The cooler night helped me sleep a little, though I still only got about 4 hours of sleep. I might make a run to my storage unit today to get a couple warmer shirts. About the only clothing I can get to is a couple bags of jackets, and I’m hoping there are a shirt jacket or two in one of the bags. All my other clothes are tossed high in the back. I wasn’t planning on staying in this camper this long as we should have closed by now, but there were snags. At least those are all done with, or they fucking better be, so we should be closing soon.


Light at the end of the tunnel. My loan got locked in today, and we should close next week. Now to figure out how the move is going to work because the sellers are still there waiting just as I have. I hope they’re ready.

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