Birds, Wildflowers and a Waterfall

Not really much going on lately, though I did get out on the trails this past Sunday.

I got quite lost Sunday, lost in the Herman Hills area, between Herman and Mt. Arvon. I did the ol’ right turn, left turn, repeat over and over. It’s a great way to get lost in the woods. I did run into a few dead-ends. I really enjoy being out in the woods among the trees and rivers, just wish I enjoyed it as much as I use to when I had someone to enjoy it with and when I could walk/hike more.

The wildflowers are just starting to come out, though most are still a couple days away from being in full bloom.
This is the only Spring Beauty I saw that was opened in bloom.

Spring Beauty

Dutchman’s Breeches

Marsh Marigold

Pea Can Falls

Baltimore Orioles – Male and Female

Baltimore Oriole in the rain

Baltimore Oriole

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Brown-headed Cowbirds

Birds and Such

Once again the time has flown by without me posting.
Quite a few of the spring/summer birds have arrive as of yesterday. The first Baltimore Oriole is here. The first Ruby Throated  Hummingbird is here. And, the first Rose-breasted Grosbeak is here. I enjoy the birds, it one of the few joys I really have.
The other evening I was out watching the birds, then swoosh, all the birds flew off as a hawk came down. This Hairy Woodpecker didn’t fly off, he hid on the underside of the feeder peeking over with an ever watching eye. It was quite funny to watch.
Tuesday I had my Subie worked on. New tires (Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail) that should help on the trails. They fixed my exhaust at the back that was leaking. And the biggie was my front brakes. They replaced the pads, calipers and rotors on both sides. This whole repair job was NOT cheap, in fact more than I thought it would be. It all came to just under $1,000.00, (OUCH!) but at least I know all the stuff is fixed and working properly.

Hairy Woodpecker hiding from a Hawk

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole

Mr. Buddy Bear came by for a visit.

I’ve been bringing in my bird feeders at night, but last night I dozed off and went to bed. Well of course Buddy Bear decided this would be a good night for a feeder raid. He make multiple passes by the first video cam, twice taking a feeder along with him. In the second video, which is right out my front windows, he grabs a feeder, went off and then comes back.

Porcupine, Mr. Big Prickles

Walked out on the front deck, looked out over to the other side of the house and saw something big up high in a tree. Not knowing what it was, I ran and grabbed my camera and headed to where it was. This guy is big, and bending the branches down as he crawled around to grab some goodies for lunch.
I could see him from my kitchen window.


I’m alive and not sick, though I’m leaving the house much at all. Also, I’m still working, so that’s a good thing. Fear, yes I have quite a large fear of going to the grocery store, it scares the shit out of me, but it’s something that must be done. I really wish I had someone to talk to about what’s in my head with the fear and all the other crap that’s been going on. My anxiety level is really high.
The weather here has been really up and down lately, one day it sunny and in the 50s, and the next it’s snowing again. That’s April weather in northern Michigan.
The other day I had a visitor stop by, a Sharp-shinned Hawk. I was watching TV and noticed all the birds flying off in a hurry, then swoosh, in came the hawk.
Eli and the kitty are getting along pretty good, and kitty has taken to snuggling up to Eli.

Out Of The House

Was great to get out into the woods and rivers for a few hours today. There’s still way too much snow, as in feet, to get back to many of the falls. A group of 10 raised off-road trucks came by and stopped, lowered their tires down to about 5 lbs, then took off on to a trail with a couple feet of snow still on it.
I also went up to Big Erick’s Bridge to check out the river, but wow, there was a lot of people there, cars were parked up and down the road. They were all fishing the Huron River. I didn’t stop.
After being out for a few hours, I came home to get a little work around the yard done…No dice. With the sun out and a temp of 59°, I fell asleep out on the deck.

Lower Letherby Falls

Lower Letherby Falls