Thanksgiving Post 2

I got the driveway cleared, but only after having to shovel the very last bit. Something has clogged my auger on the snowblower and making the auger belt smoke. I’ll dig into that when I feel like it, it shouldn’t be a big deal.
I looked under the Subie and found out I’m fucked. I need a new Y pipe because when I hit what ever it was, it banged against a U-clamp and in the process it disconnected it self and also broke the mounting point on the driver’s side muffler. I can get a new Y pipe for under $100, but getting on is a different story. At this point I don’t know what I’m going to do.
After all that crap, I got something to eat and sat back to take a nap. Then the sun came out. I couldn’t stay inside, so Eli and I went for a walk around the property and took some photos.

Aaarrgghh !

Aaarrgghh !
Winterizing things around the house and I start looking at the pellet stove flue outside. The jackass that I bought the place from put some of the flue pipes for the pellet stove in backwards and just caulked around the joints that didn’t fit correctly. Now I’ve been redoing the whole damn thing. At least I have the flue nice a clean now.
I keep finding more crap around here that has been done completely backasswards and have to redo them.

Continue Moving to Menge Creek

As soon as it gets a little light out, I need to empty the truck and head over to get another load, most likely my final load without help for the really heavy stuff.
Today is starting out on the warmish side with temps in the mid 50s. It rained over night, and the forecast is for more rain later today, maybe heavy rain.
So, I need to get the truck unloaded and loaded again before the rain starts up again. Also, I’m thinking, if possible, of returning the truck today and then going shopping. There are so many little things I need to pick up, including food. This ginormous refrigerator I have now is…Empty. I have some dry goods somewhere in a box, just don’t know where yet.
Also, the ex-owners will be by today to get most of their remaining stuff, some in the house, but mostly in the quonset.
We shall see how this day goes.


Well, 90% of my stuff is out of storage and into the house or out building. What is left will be taken care of Saturday when I have help for the really big and heavy things.
Weather wise, it looks like we could have some good storms tonight. Wish I had my weather station up and running now, it will soon though.