Just mowed part of the front, about 2,000 Square Feet is all, but it’s getting to the point that I’m having a really hard time mowing that little bit. My right hip doesn’t want to work well and is extremely painful. The thing is, is that it only really hurts when walking on flat land. I haven’t been able to mow the rest of the yard in a long time, only to make a path back to where Griz is. The back of the house has trees starting and the weeds are thigh high.

Okay, Piss On It…

I miss posting out here, not sure why, no-one ever comments, but I’ll start back up anyway. There is a couple posts below that I posted as a private post, but I’m now changing them back to public.


I’m still missing Grizwald big time, and so is Eli. Eli has never stuck so close to me at all times as he does now. We walk by Griz’s grave and Eli always stops a looks. We walked by today and there’s a single milkweed plant growing and on the plant there was a monarch butterfly caterpillar. Griz always liked butterflies. Made me cry.

Keweenaw Drive

Headed out early this morning for a drive around the Keweenaw. As I got closer to Houghton it became quite foggy, and the fog didn’t let up fully until I reached Lac La Belle. Along the way I saw a two-track that looked interesting, it went along side Thayer Lake, but right after a bridge crossing a river there was a sign that read “Road Closed”. Bummer! So I carried on toward Gay and up the coast. I stopped at one of the roadside places to get some photos of the fog along the shore and to let Eli out for a bit. Eli really enjoyed walking and exploring the shore on his own. I also went out toward Smith Fisheries Road to get some Lupine seeds. Then up to Copper Harbor and did a quick loop through town and then up to Brockway Mountain. I can back down the same way as up because I wanted to drive along the west shore of the Keweenaw, I just love it through there. I stopped at a spot close to the shore and we got out for a walk about on the rocks. At this same spot there was a bench, I sat there for about 45 minutes just enjoying the bug free cool breeze on the shore of Lake Superior. After that, drove on home.

I’m posting this privately to keep record for myself. I guess all my posts will be this way from here on. I feel really sad.

Brunette Park – Eastern Keweenaw with a bit of fog.

View From Brockway Mountain

Spot Where The Bench Was

Thayer Lake


There was really only one reason I continued to post here, and I’m afraid that’s gone. I wish it wasn’t. Friendship, true friendship, I’m not sure if it exists anymore.

So, I say goodbye, at least for now or maybe forever. Time will tell.

Redesigning The Parking Area

I’ve been slowly redesigning the parking area here at the house. Parking spot was right up to the front door and steps to the deck, so when you step off the last step it’s right onto gravel. I hate that!
Sooo, I’ve been digging and raking the gravel and dirt and moving it to a low area where turns are made. I’m also making the parking area much smaller, I don’t have 4 cars. Now when you step down from the deck it’s grass for about 10 feet, and it’s about 10-15 feet narrower on one side with grass. Still a work in progress, but it’s all most there.
This is a lot of work by hand, shovel and rake, but it’s not like I have front end loader or something.


So I’m up super early due to a bad back ache, anyway… I was just looking at my cams and there walks a bear around the back of the house. Knowing what direction it was walking, I turned on the front light and went outside, and sure enough there it was. I then pointed my flashlight at him/her as he was looking at me and told him to go away. Off he ran.
I watched him walk off in the same direction he came on my cam, but couldn’t trigger it quick enough to get a video.
That was fun.