Piss On It

That’s what I said today, piss on it. I didn’t go out for a drive, the winds were a bit too much and making the windchill down near 0°F. Around 8:00 AM I did drive into Houghton to stop at WallyWorld, that’s the only time I’ll go there, early in the morning before the morons get there, to pick up a couple things, but that it for a drive. Oh, I did get a couple gas cans filled just in case of a power outage tomorrow with the heavy snow that’s forecasted. Other than that, I haven’t really done a damn thing today. Very fucking boring with no-one to talk to or look forward to talk to.

Winter Storm

It’s Friday and southern, tip of the mitt, of Michigan should start getting a pretty good snow storm this afternoon, and lasting into Monday with close to two (2) feet of snow. The weather is nowhere near as bad up here in the Keweenaw, as we’re not really getting the snow until Sunday, and then only 6-8 inches. I hope we don’t get any, which is possible, as the system keeps nudging southward.
With that being said, I’m thinking of a little trip around the Keweenaw Peninsula tomorrow, check out the shorelines and such. Sounds like it might be pretty windy Saturday with East winds up to 40 MPH, but that’s an off-shore wind for most the drive.
Anyway, sounds like an idea for the day, we’ll see, and better than just sitting around the house.

Huron River Hike

Today, finally today I was able to get out for a hike. It was oh so needed. I headed out to hike along the Slate River near Black Slate Falls and Quartzite Falls, but the river was still mostly iced over. Big disappointment. So, I headed up to the Huron River near Big Erick’s Falls.
I parked Hank (the Jeep) and started walking down river, stopping many times for photos in the usual spots, only this time I was able to walk out on the snow/ice a bit toward the middle of the river. That was pretty cool.
The temp was about 40°F, so I didn’t want to stop yet, as my plan was to hike a bit, so I carried on. There was a path to follow on top of the snow, yes on top, no sinking in. I followed the path stopping here and there for another photo or just to take it in. I hiked for about 2 miles down river until my foot was hurting too much and it looked like I might be heading into the thick, so I turned around and headed back.
All in all, was a nice hike and it sure is great to be out on the rivers and woods again.

Big Erick’s Bridge over the Huron River

Huron River

Huron River

Huron River

Huron River

Huron River hike path – Google Earth map.

Stuff Around The House

I’ve been somewhat busy doing what I can outside around the house, prepping for spring (if it ever arrives) planting and gardening. There is still a lot of snow on the ground, but I’m cleaning up what I can in the few spots where the snow has melted.

I need to get out and away from the house though, and I think pretty soon. Eli is feeling back to normal, and I think Grizwald is to. I think Grizwald’s issue was, and still a little bit, with his back left foot, there is one nail that has been torn off pretty close and Eli has been tending to the bottom of the same foot. Anyway, I’m thinking Tuesday looks pretty good to head out to a couple waterfalls and rivers. The temps should be around 40°F with partly cloudy skies, so it sounds good.