After Dinner Walk

I normally walk around the property a little after dinner, this time I found some wildflowers. What I need to do is cover up in bug dope and walk back where it’s wet along the creek and see what I can find.



False Lily Of The Valley

Ox-eye Daisy


Pink Lady’s Slipper

Rough Night With Grizwald

I woke up around 1:00 AM smelling urine, so I got out of bed and checked Griz, he had peed a large amount and it smelled horrible. He’s diaper was soaked and over flowing. The urine is so fucking strong smelling, it’s been hard to get the smell out of the house. I’ve now cleaned the rug 3 times, though I don’t smell anything, or see anything on it, I’m still cleaning it. Griz is getting worse every day it seems. I know what needs to be done, but I can’t afford the vet bill to have him put to sleep. I’ve been reading up on using Benadryl or Tylenol PM to euthanize him, but I’m afraid to do if I do it wrong. I’m at a fucking loss. Really, I wish he would give up on his own, but he’s too damn stubborn.

Keweenaw Fix

I needed my Keweenaw Fix, so went there today. I think there may have been snow still on the ground last time I was there, not sure. Anyway, made it a fairly quick trip with a main goal of seeing if I could get to the top of the cliffs with the Subie. It was no problem at all. I then drove up to Copper Harbor, circled the town and headed back along the shore, with one stop along the way.

Hummer Battle

The female comes up to the feeder, sticks her tongue out at the male on the feeder, and then the face off. They face off for a bit, then off she goes.

Slate Entry

Yesterday I start making a slate entry to the front deck. I found a good size pile of slate on the property, so that’s what I’m using. The sand I’m using is from out back and is a mixure of sand and clay, so once settled it should be pretty stable.

Area Photo

Saw this on Facebook and thought it was pretty cool. This is US-41 between Baraga and L’Anse.
The arrow points where my house is, sort of. And yes, the water is quite high this year.