Nowhere Fast

I feel like I’m getting nowhere packing, and fast. I hunt for boxes, can only find half of what I’m looking for and most the rest are thrown away or I just can’t find them. I’m still working on the stereo / TV things and getting very frustrated. I still have the whole rest of the fucking house to go yet, then after that I have the garage and everything outside. All that and I’m trying to deal with a mortgage and work.
I feel like I don’t know what’s up, what’s down, left, right, or any fucking thing at all.

Update as of 8:45 PM – I got most of my office/TV room packed, most, but not all. I’ve been on the phone with mortgage company until almost 8:30 PM, now I have to get an insurance quote and I have to go into L’Anse to get a photo ID tomorrow. Also tomorrow evening I have to go to the sellers house to get the purchase agreement revised. The mortgage company are going to try to get the mortgage done in 3 weeks or maybe less, but even that is too fucking late. I’m already burned out. I need to get away for a few hours to come back with a fresh start on the packing. I do think the rest should go faster, it fucking better. Right now I can hardly keep my eyes open, so I’m hitting the sack early.

Signed It

I signed the purchase agreement this evening. My only fear is if the appraisal doesn’t go high enough.
Here’s a few photos of the inside around the kitchen and living area, also some of the out building, though there are a lot of boxes in the out building now due to them packing and cleaning up. There is a bar in the back left side and another room that use to be a kitchen behind the bar with two bathrooms to the right.
I wish I could be excited about this move…

Inside Out Building

Out Building Entrance

Back Yard

Dinning Area into Kitchen

Livingroom into Kitchen


Livingroom from front door


Well, I guess it’s time to move again. I once said this place would be my last home or move, but as per the norm, I was wrong again. By the middle(ish) of this month I will be moving to a new house. The place isn’t bad, not great, but not bad, though it does have a great building for a work shop. The house is on 20 acres with the Menge Creek running through it. It’s a 3 bedroom with 1 1/2 bath. The kitchen is quite nice and very newly remodeled. There is a pellet stove in the living room to keep things toasty during winter. The place is also at the end of the line as far as electricity, power stops at the house and goes no further. One really good thing is that there is cable to the house for good internet. Even though it’s quite remote, it’s also quite close to town, only about 10 minutes to the grocery store and about 3 minutes to the shore of Keweenaw Bay / L’Anse Bay. There is nice open area for my weather station, so that’s good.
Am I excited? No, not really, but I have to do what I have to do.
I feel so alone going through this, and so sad about having to leave the place I call Home.
Following are a few photos of the place from the listing, I hope to get some more tomorrow when I’m there to sign the purchase agreement.


House Front


Living Room

Part of Yard

Property Line

Shop – Out Building

Another Wish

I wish I could be happy again, even if it’s just for one full day. I hate this feeling of sadness, doom and gloom, and dread all the time. I breakout crying for no reason and at all times of the day or night. I just can’t stop it. I wish I could get some sign of hope. I don’t know, I don’t know what I’m even trying to say, just saying I guess.